MyBean® - Email Alerts

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Have you ever been disappointed you missed out on a certain property which came available on the market? Or that a particular property sold at price you couldn't believe? Are you waiting for a house to come available on a street you love?

Bean Group's Listing Alerts, empowers you to be immediately informed of new listings and/or price changes which match your interest.   You will be notified, via email, as soon as the changes which match your selection criteria occur in the MLS. You will be informed at nearly the same time brokers are made aware. This is a free service, offered by Bean Group.

View an example email alert .

By registering for Email Alerts, you will have full control over what property you will be informed of.  You also have the power to set up as many specific search rules as you would like.   The property search criteria within your control can be seen here. Some criteria are :

The registration process (example) is very simple and non-invasive. You will need to provide limited information, which includes your name, phone number and email contact, as well if you are buying, selling, relocating, or just browsing. You will also choose a password. This password will be used in the future to add, modify, delete your search rules as well as unsubscribe from the service.

In the contact form , Please select my name, "Cindy McKenna" from the list (sorted alphabetically by first name).

Listing info can be viewed in one of these example formats after clicking on the link you receive in the Email Alert:

By now, you should feel comfortable with registering. Once you have registered, you can return at any time using your login, to modify/delete your current email alert criteria, or add new ones.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact me.